What to do when the gods are too busy —

Think things are a mess? I do, but my next thought is what can I, one person, do against such powerful, greedy forces?

Here’s a thought for you to consider: The gods, or God, or … whatever you call him/her/it … have come to you and confessed: “We really botched things up in our creation of earth. Just look at the state of things as a result of misplaced priorities, particularly as it’s seen in your fearful, grasping race for success. Hand in hand with that success orientation is a numbing of our best impulses. Our only excuse was that we were very busy at the first … you know, Big Bang, the creation of matter, of stars, planets, life! It’s a big job, after all.

“But, we’re still very busy … Therefore, our assignment is for you to identify two or three primary principles to include in our update, Earth 2. Its obvious that things have gotten completely out of control: planet-wide, you’re losing it, and taking not only all of humanity, perhaps ALL life on this planet, along with you.

“Part two of this proposal is for you to explain just how you visualize your personally-selected “prime directives” working. For, example, if love were identified as one key principle, you should provide an example where you’ve experienced someone actively moving into a place of love when interacting with another.”

Of course, this is also our opportunity to begin to prove the power of those prime directives in action —- or not! — by living them in the life you’re living right here, right now.

You want change, I want change, maybe everyone thinks a change in our underlying beliefs as we’re now living them is in order! “Someone” famously said “be the change you want in the world.”

Now is the time, this is the place, where you are, where I am, right here, right now !!

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