What to do when the gods are busy …

Think things are a mess? I do, but then my next thought is, “what can I, one person do against such powerful, selfish forces?”

What if … the gods, or God, or whatever you call him/her/it, have come to you, confessing, “We really botched our job of creation of earth. Just look at the state of things that have come from humanity’s misplaced priorities, and particularly what your fearful, mindless race for success at any price. You’ve been unaware that your focus on success has also been at the expense of a numbing of your best impulses. Its not our fault! It’s just that we gods have been so very busy at the first — you know, Big Bang, creating energy, matter, stars, planets, and life! It’s a very big job, after all!

“But, we are still very busy. So, we’re asking for your help to identify two or three primary principles to include in our update, Earth 2. its obvious that things on Earth have gotten completely out of control— you’re losing the planet with your own actions, taking not only humanity, but perhaps all life on this planet, including you!

“Your vision should include an example of how your personally-selected ‘prime principles’ might manifest — for example, if you identify love as a principle, relate your thoughts where you or someone you know actively moves into a place of love when with another.”

I also invite you to join in proving the power of prime principles in action by living them in the life you’re living, right here, right now.

You want change, I want change, and isn’t it just possible that people everywhere know that a change in our underlying beliefs as we now experience them is in order?

“Someone” famously said, “be the change you want in the world!” This “now” is the time, “where” you are, “where” you are, right now!

About Bob

My mother was a Sunday School teacher in a very conservative church for decades. I had a lot of trouble with many of the religous beliefs of that church, and my mother and I had a great many discussions (she'd say arguments!) about the teachings. After leaving religion entirely for a while, I began searching again. I found many churches/religions that had much I could agree with, but none with the whole picture (whatever that is!). This blog is a result of my ongoing search for better explanations, more support for those of us who are still trying to find a "fit" between spirituality and the "real" world in which we live. I believe the Truth is in all of us, to a lesser -- or greater -- degree. We just have to get the noise of the world of consumerism, the focus on success and acquistion, the competitiveness and, underlying it all, the anger and fear behind us. I've also found that small groups of individuals who are willing to share their journey -- their successes and failures -- are much more enlightening and effective than most Sunday morning sermons. NoSmallGod.com is conceived as only one avenue for that exchange between fellow travelers on the spiritual path. We each have the answers, and many of them are answers others are seeking. Feel free to share your own gift!! Namaste, Bob
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